Titkos erotikus munkaajánlatok és hasznos, új funkciók eléréséhez LÉPJ BE

Fantastic City Tours  in -  Norway - Denmark - Finland   -   Sweden  

- Scandinavia is constantly the Best Work Best Money and Clients in Europe !

-- You can enter without any Quarantine with my private invitation

Each Country and City has a specific girl type they like most

- We can advise you on which city will work best for you



super good and very nice clients daily winnings are between  — 700 and 1300 Euros



—  it is super busy - In Denmark you can expect  8  too 12 clients per day



Also super good and we know which cities to avoid

- Daily winnings for you clean between  900 and 1800 Euros



super good and very few girls touring in Finland


What type of girls are we searching for ?

- Between 20  too 30 years of age

- With a good attitude and a friendly approach.


- You are paid daily

- I pay all apartment costs

- I pay all advertising

- Phone operators take all your calls


- You would be working directly with us


Please contact me via email

-- with your photos and your age - and number.


Mail me directly: 


I will reply to your email and also sms you for - a good time to speak on the - phone.


Thank you: - Ariana